Release Your Inner Nudist

What is more German than a relaxing sauna? Ok so saunas weren’t actually invented in Germany but the Germans have taken the idea and made it their own with sauna baths scattered throughout the countryside and cities. It’s something that’s well worth a try and if you do decide to partake in this most German… Read more »

guess who's back The Hitler joke

German humour 101 – The Hitler joke

I’m not sure if you’ve heard of it, but according to this movie, which is currently showing in German cinemas, he’s back again! Based on the book by Timur Vermes, the flick tells the story about Adolf Hitler waking up in present day Berlin and starting a comeback. I don’t want to spoiler for those,… Read more »

5-S of Tokyo

Do you want to know the 5-S secret of the axis?

When people think about super organised countries, that also build nice cars, and that suck at fighting world wars, naturally one would think of Germany. But there is a little island far, far east that shares the mentioned characteristics: Japan! And because racism doesn’t belong to our core competences any longer (see this video), we… Read more »

  • Save the World you Treehugger!

    These Germans save the world – come help them

    If you have followed the news about these Germans, you may have noticed that their image has changed over the last years. After being accused of suppressing Southern Europe with austerity politics, more recently reports about the open border policy regarding refugees have taken over the headlines. Almost every person I met abroad in the… Read more »

  • Merry Christmas or The flying baby Jesus

    It’s Christmas season, and while people in the UK, USA or Australia are waiting for Santa to slide down the chimney and deliver the presents, the Germans are once again one step ahead as they already celebrate Christmas on the evening of the 24th. Santa should really do some exercise In Germany the presents are… Read more »

  • LED me show you

    Been busy – LED me show you the results!

    It’s been a while since we last spoke, but if you thought we were just doing nothing, well you’re mistaken. Of course we’ve been keeping ourselves busy 9 to 5 at the day job and also been working on some projets here and there. Now that we are done, we would like to give you a sneak… Read more »

  • excel spreadsheet

    Meet the infamous camping spreadsheet

    In Lisa’s last post she revealed the secret of German camping organisation: The almighty Excel spreadsheet! If you thought that was just a funny product of her imagination in order to get a good laugh, you’re mislead. This list actually exists and it started to become a living organism on its own, who knows what… Read more »

  • “Why does your bag have mud on it?”

    “Why does your bag have mud on it?” Tom queried, when I arrived in Munich from London one evening. “Oh, you know, the music festival we went to was really muddy and I haven’t cleaned it yet.” I responded. “Why did you take your wheeled suitcase to a festival?” he laughed… This wasn’t the first… Read more »

  • How to socialise with Germans

    Apparently, socialising with us Germans is different from socialising with other people. Instead of superficial, meaningless pleasantries we actually give you a piece of our mind if you ask for it. I have been received with bewilderment, if not silent judgement because I told things as they are instead of sugarcoating it. Admittedly, I might… Read more »

  • open beer

    How to open beer with anything

    It’s Wiesn-season and although the nice waitress already filled the Stein for you (see picture above) it might come handy in other situations to know how to open beer bottles with practically everything that you can grab. It is not only a stereotype that Germans can open Kronkorken with other bottles, lighters, cutlery or body… Read more »

  • Is it bread or is it toast? A rant.

    It’s a beautiful Saturday afternoon in late Spring. The family has prepared the big, wooden table outside, under the old oak tree that provides soothing shade for the happy, red-cheeked children and their old and wise grandparents. They’re all looking at the mother emerging from the house in eager anticipation of the big, warm, steaming… Read more »

  • notes

    Notes on a German

    Tom recently told me about a project idea; a blog that helps people to become more organised. I gently encouraged him, who better to undertake such a task than the (overly organised) German engineer! I mean, really, could there be anybody more fitting to the stereotype? I was pleased when he asked me to contribute… Read more »

  • long-distance love

    How to master your long-distance relationship

    So if you followed Julia’s flirt instructions in the last post, you should by now have been able to find a German partner. Congratulations, lucky you! As a recent study reported, Germans have been voted the best lovers among OECD countries (a representative group of 1000 Germans was questioned). But what’s their secret? Is it… Read more »