“You’re so organised!” – I’ve heard this sentence out of my Australian girlfriend’s mouth many times. Most of the times she meant it in a mocking way, sometimes in a surprised way and maybe at least once in an impressed way.

That gave me the initial idea for this blog. If on the one hand side people like Wolfgang Schäuble or Angela Merkel can give whole countries (rather bad) advice on how to organise their state, why shouldn’t I share my ideas of how to structure your work and private life in a way to make it more efficient. After all our efficiency is what we Germans are best known for, except for maybe Hitler and our penalty shootout accuracy.

Who are these weird people in the middle of Europe?

On the other hand side our aforementioned elected representatives try very hard to fulfil all the stereotypes and clichés about us Germans, making the country appear in a certain light. But actually little more than Beer, Brezeln und BMW is known about these strange people outside their borders. Thus the next goal of this blog will be to reaffirm all these stereotypes so you won’t ever have to come visit and see for yourself. You’re welcome!

So what to make of all this?

Well, that’s up to you! Feel free to accept or dismiss any of the tips and tricks I blog here and let me know if they helped you getting organised like a real German. Moreover I hope the articles might give you a little insight into our thinking and under the hard shell of these Germans, because underneath that hard shell, in all of us, there’s an even harder core!

And maybe most important of it all, don’t take everything bierernst!