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Friday evening – Feierabend! It’s been a long week of making the world a better place, but ensuring mankind’s progress can make you hungry and crave a yummy dinner. There’s only a slight problem: Your fridge is filled with the finest ingredients but you just can’t decide what to prepare! Of course the Germans have a solution for that as well! No, we don’t ask our tummy we use our brains in order to make sure to find the most rational decision!

VDI is coming for your rescue

I think I mentioned it before, but 90% of the German population consists of engineers and most of them are organised in the VDI, which basically is the Association of German Engineers. And of course they take their job seriously in making up rules and standards for us to follow. Today I’ll show you how their Guideline VDI 2225 can help you find the right dinner for the right occasion. It is a Guideline for rating options and making decisions based on weighed criteria.

Applying VDI 2225 to find what’s for dinner

First you have to write down your options, let’s say you want to choose between a salad, a cold dinner, a ready made dish and a properly cooked meal. Criteria could now be taste, ease of preparation, how filling dinner is and how healthy the meal is. Now you have to find a factor based on how important each of the criteria is to you. The sum should then add up to 1. Rate each option and criteria from 0 to 4 for example and then multiply the weighing factor with your rating, add up the results and voila, we have a winner – enjoy dinner!

See the picture below for an example!

Choosing dinner VDI2225

Salad wins?! I guess you should tweak your Factors or Values if you don’t want your biceps to shrink!


Do: Rate your dinner option according to VDI2225
Read: VDI2225
Listen: Not to your tummy!

Featured Image Credit: “7df_4110586-whats-for-dinner” by Wolfgang Lonien is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Written by Tom

Day-time engineer (of course!), free-time vinyl-nudger and uber-organised model citizen. When living together with Julia, we never thought we could be good examples.

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