Saturday morning. Phew, maybe you had a night out with some nice beers or even Schnaps and woke up with a big Kater (Germans call the hangover a male cat – don’t ask me why!). So how to tame that beast, which is scratching the insides of your brain or stomach while you’re reading this?

Kazakh hangover cure secret

What helps me best is actually a hint that the mum of a friend of mine, who is of Kazakh origin, once gave me after we had a massive night out and slept at his: Drink a glass of pickles water! If you don’t like all the herbs that float around, use a strainer or a coffee filter to get that stuff out. It might sound disgusting to you, but trust me, it works! Or as my friend’s mum put it: “The men in Russia always drink that as a cure, and they must know!”


Do: Drink pickles water when hungover.

Featured Image Credit: “Hangover on Board Badge” by Annie Mole is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Written by Tom

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