Do you belong to the kind of people who always lose their keys, wallet, phone or other important stuff in the depth of their own apartment? Most people carry these things around with them in their pockets or purse but admit it, you change into comfy sweatpants right after you enter the door and you don’t really unload your purse either.

Keys tend to hide better than chameleons

Whereas finding the phone is easy, because most of the times you can just follow your ears, things are a bit trickier with keys, who tend to hide in spots you never ever think of looking for them. Of course there are electronic keyfinders, but I think their intended use is to play pranks on your buddies rather than really being useful. But this is a completely different story…

The easiest solution to avoid the hassle of having to search frantically for them when you are in a hurry or worse, already late, is to drop the keys at a spot close to the door, immediately after you come home. You can drop your wallet, phone (OK, you probably want to have that one always next to you) or other stuff that you need when leaving the house there as well.

Afraid of leaving the house without your keys?

Ideally you have a small table next to the door that you will inevitably run into when leaving the house, so you can’t ever forget to pack your keys before closing the door behind you. And if you ever manage to forget them, I suggest hiding another set of keys at work.


Do: Always place stuff on the same spot next to the door, immediately after coming home.

Featured Image Credit: “Keys, USS Bowfin” by Joseph Novak is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Written by Tom

Day-time engineer (of course!), free-time vinyl-nudger and uber-organised model citizen. When living together with Julia, we never thought we could be good examples.

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