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If you are looking for ways to organise things, then you might have already come across the book “Getting things done” by David Allen. In the book David suggests setting up an organisation tool or scheme that is easy to access and which you actually review regularly. I think this is a very helpful hint and I decided to start my blog by giveing you a peek into my toolbox.

The one tool you will never wanna miss

I found using Evernote as a very simple, elegant and convenient tool to organise thoughts, To-Do lists, interesting websites or even projects and tasks at work. It’s available for most environments (though not natively for Linux :/ ), free and easy to use, which makes sure you will actually review your notes and not just bury them.

You can install it on your phone, tablet, laptop or workstation and it syncs automatically. If you want additional features there are payment plans that extend functionality, but the free version works just like charm for me.


Do: Download Evernote
Read: Paul Allen – Getting things done

Featured Image Credit: “Toolbox” by florianric is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Written by Tom

Day-time engineer (of course!), free-time vinyl-nudger and uber-organised model citizen. When living together with Julia, we never thought we could be good examples.

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