Release Your Inner Nudist

What is more German than a relaxing sauna? Ok so saunas weren’t actually invented in Germany but the Germans have taken the idea and made it their own with sauna baths scattered throughout the countryside and cities. It’s something that’s well worth a try and if you do decide to partake in this most German… Read more »

guess who's back The Hitler joke

German humour 101 – The Hitler joke

I’m not sure if you’ve heard of it, but according to this movie, which is currently showing in German cinemas, he’s back again! Based on the book by Timur Vermes, the flick tells the story about Adolf Hitler waking up in present day Berlin and starting a comeback. I don’t want to spoiler for those,… Read more »

5-S of Tokyo

Do you want to know the 5-S secret of the axis?

When people think about super organised countries, that also build nice cars, and that suck at fighting world wars, naturally one would think of Germany. But there is a little island far, far east that shares the mentioned characteristics: Japan! And because racism doesn’t belong to our core competences any longer (see this video), we… Read more »

  • The Ultimate Flirting Guide For Non-Germans In Germany

    Germans are not known for their stunning beauty. After all, one can’t have it all, right? Intelligent, organized, polite, honest – these are all German virtues. That’s why us Germans make it a point to be as unattractive as possible. We don’t want to come across as major show-offs. However, when you find yourself to… Read more »

  • Things come apart - The Guardian

    When things come apart

    Most people outside of Germany don’t know that German culture does not only consist of Beer, BMW and Bavarian sausages although you will mostly see these things on the media during the course of the next two weeks. No, we also had quite a few decent writers, musicians and artists and therefore this blog will… Read more »

  • Set up your workspace efficiently

    How To Set Up Your New, Super-efficient Workspace

    If you followed our instructions so far, you are by now a qualified Ingenieur or Beamter and on your way to become the German model citizen. Congratulations! [INSERT STRONG HANDSHAKE HERE] When you arrive at your new office, we’re sure you will be assigned your own workspace in the flawless and efficient way you would… Read more »

  • planes grounded flights cancelled

    These Germans – firmly grounded

    It’s not exactly a new one, but as it stole its title from our website, we would like to reblog the infamous Lufthansa commercial about “these Germans”. And yes, of course the timing is on purpose, now that their pilots are on strike again and passengers are grounded like earth lines. We on the other… Read more »

  • party

    How to organise an epic party – ze German way

    Believe it or not, us Germans like to party. Big time. There’s a reason why the world’s best beer is made in Germany (no need to be jealous, dear Czechs). Because when Germans organise a party, everything has to be top-notch, even the booze. So let me guide you through the finely engineered process of… Read more »

  • What's for dinner

    Choosing dinner, the engineer’s way

    Friday evening – Feierabend! It’s been a long week of making the world a better place, but ensuring mankind’s progress can make you hungry and crave a yummy dinner. There’s only a slight problem: Your fridge is filled with the finest ingredients but you just can’t decide what to prepare! Of course the Germans have… Read more »

  • Find Wiring with Oscilloscope

    Finding electric wiring like a boss

    Handymen or women know the problem: You would like to drill a nice hole in your living room wall in order to hang some pictures or install a TV or lamp wall mount. No biggie! You just get your beloved HILTI ready and get really excited about using this awesome tool, showing the concrete wall… Read more »

  • Keys

    The key to not always lose these keys

    Do you belong to the kind of people who always lose their keys, wallet, phone or other important stuff in the depth of their own apartment? Most people carry these things around with them in their pockets or purse but admit it, you change into comfy sweatpants right after you enter the door and you… Read more »

  • two kinds of people

    Only two kinds of people…

    …which of the two kinds of people are you? Click the image for the link to the full article!

  • hangover

    Hangover cure, ze German way

    Saturday morning. Phew, maybe you had a night out with some nice beers or even Schnaps and woke up with a big Kater (Germans call the hangover a male cat – don’t ask me why!). So how to tame that beast, which is scratching the insides of your brain or stomach while you’re reading this?