Release Your Inner Nudist

What is more German than a relaxing sauna? Ok so saunas weren’t actually invented in Germany but the Germans have taken the idea and made it their own with sauna baths scattered throughout the countryside and cities. It’s something that’s well worth a try and if you do decide to partake in this most German… Read more »

guess who's back The Hitler joke

German humour 101 – The Hitler joke

I’m not sure if you’ve heard of it, but according to this movie, which is currently showing in German cinemas, he’s back again! Based on the book by Timur Vermes, the flick tells the story about Adolf Hitler waking up in present day Berlin and starting a comeback. I don’t want to spoiler for those,… Read more »

5-S of Tokyo

Do you want to know the 5-S secret of the axis?

When people think about super organised countries, that also build nice cars, and that suck at fighting world wars, naturally one would think of Germany. But there is a little island far, far east that shares the mentioned characteristics: Japan! And because racism doesn’t belong to our core competences any longer (see this video), we… Read more »

  • These Germans are bothering me

    These Germans are bothering me!

    “These Germans are bothering me!” – They do! :/

  • Tool box

    My favourite tool – Das Werkzeug

    If you are looking for ways to organise things, then you might have already come across the book “Getting things done” by David Allen. In the book David suggests setting up an organisation tool or scheme that is easy to access and which you actually review regularly. I think this is a very helpful hint… Read more »

  • start

    Auf geht’s! – Let’s start!

    Hello reader! So you are looking for some inspiration for organising yourself, your desk at work, a birthday party or your long distance relationship? Great! Why not start doing it like ze Germans? Even if we can’t queue stoically like the British, can’t pack as many people in a subway as the Japanese and don’t… Read more »