What is more German than a relaxing sauna? Ok so saunas weren’t actually invented in Germany but the Germans have taken the idea and made it their own with sauna baths scattered throughout the countryside and cities.

It’s something that’s well worth a try and if you do decide to partake in this most German of traditions then you should probably be aware, Swimsuits are Not Allowed. You’re not swimming here folks so get your kit off and embrace you inner nudist. For the more conservative reader this may seem daunting, I know it was for me, but don’t worry take it slow and follow this advice:

Eyes up here buddy

You have been warned, although you may not be comfortable in your birthday suit, does not mean everyone else isn’t. Let your gaze stray below eye level and you may find yourself trapped staring at a strangers nether regions……..

Your towel is your new best friend

So you’ve abandoned your swimsuit and are having withdrawal symptoms as that deep seated shame bubbles up from the depths of you psyche. Don’t worry you don’t have to go complete cold turkey, take a towel, heck take two and slowly peel away the layers of your towelly cocoon as you get more comfortable.

But everyone is staring at me

Yes they probably are but not for the reasons you’re think. Think about, these Germans have seen every type of body in there long sauna career and you’ve rocked up looking like you’re ready for a polar expedition.

My final piece of advice is just go with it, chances are you won’t meet these people again or who knows you may just find your nudist soul mate.

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Written by Peter

Our guest author Peter Mahady from Ireland is in love with a German woman and therefore in an excellent position to shed some light on some of the mysteries that surround These Germans.

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