Germans are not known for their stunning beauty. After all, one can’t have it all, right? Intelligent, organized, polite, honest – these are all German virtues. That’s why us Germans make it a point to be as unattractive as possible. We don’t want to come across as major show-offs.

I mean, who could love these two?

Sorry, these two are already taken…surprisingly.

However, when you find yourself to be attracted to one of these clearly undesirable creatures, here’s a little guide how to get your flirting game on with us Germans:

Hands off!

Some cultures have a very physical approach at getting to know others. We definitely don’t. In fact, except for an awkward hug or a faint Bussi on the cheek, we are very uncomfortable with too much body contact – until you have won us over. So keep your hands, feet, hips and lips to yourself for now.

Mind over matter

Of course, even reason-driven people like us Germans aren’t blind. If we like what we see, chances are we’re interested in talking to you. If the words out of your mouth are in any way empty, boring, unfunny or disappointing, you have pretty much lost your game. So you don’t look like you jumped straight out of Men’s Health or Vogue? Chances are we will still accept you as a suitable mate if you’re matching our intellectual needs.

Opposed to our inability to look past incompetence, we are surprisingly easy to charm with humour and playful teasing. Our straightforward minds need to be at ease sometimes, and often, foreigners are much better at making us laugh than other Germans.

Have some manners

Cultural life in Germany is full of social events where good manners will go a long way. You partner will notice if you are not acting according to social protocol, so better step up your game.

Read the Knigge, Germany’s trusted source of good behaviour for centuries. Buy some flowers. Hold the door. Ladies, let the man take your coat – it won’t affect your image as an independent, strong woman if you let him do you a favour, for Christ’s sake.


Read: Knigge

Do: Bring your A-game

Watch: Keinohrhasen

Title Photo Credit: Kurt Bauschardt via

Featured Photo Credit: Julia Bencker

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